Organisational and Personnel Development

Investments in human resources & organization are investments in the future

Organisational- and Personnel Development

Guiding philosophy - As much as necassary, as little as possible

The roots for successful projects in human resource and organizational development reside within your own company.

Professional project management in this area builds upon a comprehensive analysis of the company as a network between strategic objectives, structural and operational organization, and employees.

Project leaders at IRM are specialists who can direct complex management projects in the residential properties and real estate business. They apply proven methods of project management, moderation and problem solution.

Organisational- and Personnel Development

Recognize potentials and consistently execute what is achievable

The efficiency and quality of execution of such projects are closely associated with an accurate assessment of existing potentials, careful study of what is feasible combined with a well-founded methodological competence in achieving objectives. Project leaders at IRM bring this experience to your project – experience you can build upon.

Human resource development 

  • Manager training & coaching
  • Team training: Real-Estate Business Assessment Center 

Organizational development 

  • Business process optimization & documentation
  • Introduction to teamwork & A-Z processing

Success is measureable – Talk to us

Success is measurable. We would be glad to provide you with references for projects related to the subject area of your specific project. Take the first step and contact us directly.