Our philosophy

IRM Management Network GmbH

Information Resource Management: Sound strategic decisions

Corporate Principles

The performance potential of business processes and company decisions depends to a great extent on the quality and availability of the necessary information. In the information age, abundant sources exist for such information. However, these retained “reserves” of data are only worthwhile if data availability leads to better decisions that more than offset for the costs of data acquisition, storage, security and maintenance. These processes focus on the evaluation of data. 

The bottom line: 
Important information needs to be available at the right time and right place and be assured to have the required quality. 

IRM pursues this goal daily by confronting the informational challenge with easy-to-understand and powerful IT and management concepts. Evolving from these principles are comprehensive concepts that the customers of IRM especially appreciate: IT technology, business management and process orientation customized to company requirements. 

One especially important aspect of the IRM management network philosophy is the high standard it sets for treating customers as partners in a common network. Open communication structures and a collaborative and pragmatic search for solutions are attributes of a collaboration based on trust, and it lets us to move together into the future.

  • Management information: At the right time and the right place 
  • Understandable, powerful IT and management concepts 
  • Together in the network – Together into the future