Evaluation methods – the choice is yours

In order to assess the value of a piece of real estate or part of a portfolio, you can rely on parallel value assessment processes (discounted cash flow (DCF), ImmoWertV). Both processes use fully automated data from project planning.

Forecast – how will the value develop in the future?

The value development of a real estate inventory in particular has a major impact on corporate and investment values. The market value forecast takes future market developments and building planning into account. This prognosis provides a key pointer to the value development potential of the assets. These prognoses can be varied and compared with each other in scenarios.

Integration – the evaluation is the centrepiece of the value net

Evaluation processes not only use the results of other modules (e.g. building planning), the evaluation results are in turn available for the duration of other modules. For example, you can receive immediate information about new key performance indicators (LTV, returns from changes in capital values, etc.) and adjusted asset values (NAV/share, IFRS book values, investment values, etc.). 

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