Fund and Investment Management

Fund and Investment Management

Simulation and consolidation is our strength

It is only possible to generate reliable statements on the actual status of an investor and develop key performance indicators (KPIs) by consolidating total assets and taking respective product specifics into account. All planning from asset and portfolio management, finance management and evaluation flow automatically into the fund and investment plan. This provides a reliable basis for success, cash and value development for the overall product – at the same time taking the complexity of transnational and multi-level investment structures fully into account.

Inclusive country specifics, currency and language areas

RE-VC also takes into account any relevant country specifics and currency areas. We are happy to support you in the illustration of complex investment structures. Make the most of our best practice solutions for listed PLCs, open funds, special funds and SICAVs. Contact us and put us to the test.

Success is measureable – Talk to us

Success is measurable. We would be glad to provide you with references for projects related to the subject area of your specific project. Take the first step and contact us directly.