Overall Concept: Real Estate-Value Creation & Best Practice Approach

An integrative network – an all-round 360o view of the property portfolio


Successful companies link all relevant perspectives to obtain an all-round 360o view in property management.  It must be possible to evaluate and simulate, in a detailed fashion, all value-creating aspects affecting net income and liquidity. Actuarial and real estate management interdependencies are attached to a value net via the Real Estate-Value Creator (RE-VC)®, which means you benefit from reliable controlling, continuous reporting as well as a valid basis for scenarios and stress tests.

Real Estate - Value Creation | Evaluation


  • discounted cash flow (DCF)
  • term & reversion
  • ImmoWertV
  • property value forecast
  • survey import
Real Estate - Value Creation | Potfolio- /Asset Management

Portfolio-/Asset management

  • from lease agreement to overall assets
  • budget planning
  • scoring
  • top-down und bottom-up planning
  • sales and acquisition simulations
  • service agreements
  • professional reporting
Real Estate - Value Creation | Financial Management

Financial Management

  • contract-specific view of loan agreements
  • shareholder loans
  • swaps
  • interest change simulations
  • debt servicing and liability forecasts
  • covenants and KPI development
Real Estate - Value Creation | Corporate Planning

Corporate Planning

  • planned P/L & balance sheets (commercial/corporate code, IFRS, Lux GAAP)
  • planned consolidation
  • consideration of internal service relationships
Real Estate - Value Creation | Fund and Investment Management

Fund & Investment Management

  • financial statement plan
  • income and expenses plan
  • share price forecast
  • investment value forecast
  • multi-level vehicle
  • country specifics
  • currency and language areas
Real Estate - Value Creation | Risk Management

Risk Management

  • integrated data use
  • scenario analyses
  • limit systems
  • sensitivity analyse
  • stress test
  • risk catalogue
  • value at risk (VaR)

Best practice – install, ready, go!

Once installed, you have immediate access to all Real Estate-Value Creator (RE-VC) services. The first training session introduces you to RE-VC’s practice-tested methods. In just a few steps, you have the first total-assets planning.  Valid, quality assured starting data are required. Contact us to learn modern data import options based on tried and tested standards.