Portfolio-/Asset Management

Portfolio-/Asset Management

From lease agreement to overall assets

Discover opportunities and risks in the portfolio, in real estate, and in lease agreements up to individual surface areas. Detailed information on rental agreements, their duration and options are available, as are evaluations of part of a portfolio or the entire inventory.  The analysis technologies of the Real Estate-Value Creator (RE-VC)® help you gather aggregated information and determine its source. Deviation analyses help you identify planning/actual deviations for individual items of a piece of real estate, a lease agreement or freely chosen groupings.

Fully integrated planning

You draw up one or several budget variations using tried and tested area-specific prognoses. Your planning is part of the value net and can be automatically integrated in both profit and cash planning, and thereby also corporate and investment planning, and can also be used to compare scenarios.

Professional reporting

In addition to online analyses in RE-VC, comprehensive reporting tools are also available to you. The combination of qualitative and quantitative analyses and forecast methods means you can rely on the availability of all the current methods of modern asset and portfolio management. 

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